Watch: Bono Does Awesome Bill Clinton Impersonation

Everyone knows Bono's ability to sing and make impassioned speeches about the causes he holds close to his heart, but who knew he was so good at impressions?

Bill Clinton certainly does now. 

In New York for the Clinton Global Initiative, the U2 frontman was set to take part in a scheduled panel with the former president, who arrived a few moments late.

Seizing the opportunity for a little light amusement, Bono moved from his chair into Clinton's empty seat and launched into an impersonation of the 42nd president of the United States. 

"When I first met Bono," the Irish singer began in a spot-on version of Clinton’s gravelly timbre, "he walked into the Oval Office and I actually thought it was a member of his own road crew, he wasn’t really dressed right. I actually, I felt like the rock star on that occasion." 

With still no sign of Clinton, and taking encouragement from the audience's laughter, the "Beautiful Day" singer continued. "But together, you know, we did this Drop the Debt thing and my God there’s 51 million children going to school in Africa ‘cause of the Drop the Debt and that’s pretty good, is that right?"

After almost two minutes of Bono-as-Bill, Clinton made his entrance at which point the singer, wearing a sheepish grin, and Bono jumped from his chair to declare, "It's David Letterman!" 

Clinton had appeared on Letterman's late night talk show the previous evening.

Taking the ribbing in his stride, Clinton said, "I must be really easy to make fun of."

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