Tim Gunn to Pen “Fashion Bible”

The "Project Runway" star wants to dress his flock, stylishly.

Most people turn to the Good Book for spiritual inspiration. Tim Gunn hopes that fashionistas will turn to his version of the Bible for style advice.

The Project Runway star has announced that he will write a "fashion bible" as his second book, reports People.

Tim Gunn's Fashion Bible: The Fascinating History of Everything in Your Closet will provide a humorous look at fashion, chronicling the origins and usages of different pieces of clothing in each chapter.

"Every item of clothing means something, usually a lot of somethings," he said in a statement. "By pointing out what those things are, I hope this book will delight readers and magically transform their cluttered closets into world of wonders."

The book will also provide answers to common sartorial questions as well as dish out style tips.

"Fashion is fun and thrilling - and it's something that concerns everyone who wears clothing, not just an elite crew in midtown Manhattan," he said.


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