Stewart: Right Has Developed “Baracktose Intolerance”

"Daily Show" host responds to criticism of Obama's "not optimal" comment about Libya

On Monday’s episode of “The Daily Show,” host Jon Stewart took a look back at President Barack Obama’s appearance on his show last Thursday, and how the president’s “not optimal” comment in discussing the deaths of four Americans during the Sept. 11 Benghazi attack lit up the conservative media complex.

“It’s clear now that the right, over time, has developed Baracktose intolerance,” Stewart quipped.

The late show host observed that the “conservative Twitterati” pounced on Obama’s “not optimal” remark, with political commentators labeling it as “cold and callous,” and an “embarrassing word for the president to use.”

Stewart noted that the cause of this particular ailment could be traced back to 2008, when conservative media, which Stewart affectionately referred to as “Bulls---t Mountain,” made ominous predictions about an Obama presidency, from a socialized economy to a resurgence of radical Islamists.

Although none of the dire predictions actually materialized, it didn’t quell the spread of Baracktose intolerance, which surged to new heights, Stewart said. The president was labeled as a communist, a racist, “a natural secular European socialist,” and he also got saddled with new monikers, such as “Mubarak Obama.”

“That’s the thing about Bulls---t Mountain,” Stewart mused. “You may not live on it, but whenever it rains, you get the mudslide.”

To see Stewart give a full diagnosis of “Baracktose Intolerance,” check out the clip below, courtesy of Comedy Central:

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