Snooki Vows to Stop Drinking ‘During the Daytime'

After berating Jersey shore police for hauling her off to the drunk tank, MTV's latest reality diva promised to cut down on her daytime cocktails.

"I learned that I need to calm down with drinking," 'Snooki' Polizzi said at an MTV-hosted press conference on Friday, People reported

The littlest cast member of the music TV network's breakout hit, "Jersey Shore," admitted that on the day of her arrest, she had started drinking at noon.  Cops picked her up for disorderly conduct three hours later.

The orange-skinned brunette claims to have been so intoxicated that she did not remember being arrested.  During the incident, Snooki screamed at the arresting officers, "Do you know who I am?"

"When I did remember and I woke up in the drunk tank," Snooki said, "I was like, 'Alright, I must have drank way too many cocktails.'"

The Snookster told the press conference her father was very disappointed in her.  "I just feel really bad," she said, "so I'm definitely going to stop drinking during the daytime. And now when I go out, I only have a couple of drinks."

While the GTL gang is looking forward to another season of shooting, Snooki has a court appearance on August 18 to worry about.  "I'm scared to go because I feel like a criminal," Snooki told People.  "I'm not a criminal.  I'm just a drunken mistake."

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