Putin Vows to Keep Sochi Games Safe

Russian President Vladimir Putin is making sure everything in Sochi is going smoothly after dozens of people were killed in Russia over the past two weeks. Even trying out the ski slopes himself, he is putting a positive focus on the country, whereas on Wednesday, he honored those killed in the Volgograd bombing. Wary of Islamist militants, Putin has invested billions of dollars to keep the site safe, making 2014's games the biggest security operation in sports history. Called the "ring of steel," the Sochi event site will be manned with 40,000 Special Forces and police, drones watching from above, and offshore high speed patrol boats will be on duty. According to NBC News, many security experts are convinced there will be more bombings leading up to the games, which are approximately 5 weeks away. Security expert Andrew Kuchins considers a strike on the game themselves, "the holy grail" to terrorists.

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