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Obama Slams Trump Views on Women During Steve Harvey Morning Show

The President voiced his concern for Trump's history of sexism toward women on this morning's show


Following Monday night’s presidential debate, President Barack Obama made it clear that he doesn’t want his daughters - or anyone’s children, listening to Donald Trump.

Obama joined the Steve Harvey Morning Show Wednesday, where he discussed his disdain for Trump’s comments on women.

"You have somebody who basically insulted women," he said, "And then doubled down in terms of how he talks about them, and talks about their weight, and talks about how they look instead of the content of their character and their capabilities."

During Monday’s debate, the Republican candidate’s history of sexist comments came up. During the exchange, Trump said that most of his sexist comments have been directed at Rosie O’Donnell, whom he’s had a feud with for years. He said O'Donnell deserved the barbs he hurled which included calling her fat, a pig and a slob.

"[He is] not somebody I want in the Oval Office that my daughters are listening to and that sons are listening to," Obama said. "And so, across the board you’ve got somebody who appears to only care about himself."

The president continued to voice his support for Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton, listing issues the pair share a passion for, including reforming the criminal justice system and ensuring all children in the United States have ample opportunity to succeed.

"I know Hillary, I’ve seen her work," he said. "She is capable, tough, does her homework, cares about the same things I care about."

The president also encouraged listeners to get registered to vote, and to make sure they get out on Nov. 8 to cast their ballots.

"If there’s one message I want to deliver to everybody, if you don’t vote that’s a vote for Trump," he said. "If you don’t vote, that’s a vote for Trump."

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