New Mobile Phone Trend: Vanity Numbers

Sprint service allows customers to personalize phone numbers

Sprint’s new StarStarMe service is taking the term “vanity” to a whole other level.

Users who subscribe to the $3-a-month program have the option of creating their own personalized vanity phone number, according to The Week. Customers may choose their name or any other word, as long as it’s between five and 10 characters. For example, a user named Jessica might choose **Jessica. To dial, callers would press the star key twice and then select the numbers that correspond to the characters.

The program has been criticized because its numbers cannot receive text messages and its only major benefit is that it makes phone numbers easy to remember. But, in the day and age of smartphones, it’s not as necessary to memorize numbers, said Terrence O’Brien at Engadget.

Right now, StarStarMe is only available through Sprint but the partner company, Zoove Corp., plans to offer the service through all major phone providers, The Week reported.  

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