Negotiations Start for Next Season of “Jersey Shore”

Some days it seems as though its impossible to escape the "Jersey Shore" cast. They've gone "Dancing With the Stars" and started tweeting with senators. They've posed in GQ and started clothing lines. And though the second season of the show just finished its run a few months ago, a new one is already in the offing.

Fist-pumping fans get ready: The Situation, Snooki and the rest are set to start a new round of negotiations for the show's next season, reports the New York Post.

According the the Post, the producers would like to shoot the new season in Miami, the setting for the second season. Production would start next spring and the show runners want to make sure they're able to secure the entire cast.

But a possible snag is that many of the cast members may want spinoffs of their own, reports the Post. The reality stars and MTV squared off this summer over contracts, with the cast threatening a hold out if their demands were not met.

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