Michael Jackson Doc Interrupted CPR to Hide Drugs: Report

Murray stashed bottles before helping Jackson; M.J.'s children witnessed grisly scene, new docs allege

The doctor charged with manslaughter in the case of Michael Jackson's death interrupted CPR on the singer and delayed calling 911 in order to collect and hide drug vials in the room where Jackson died, stunning new documents obtained by the AP reveal.

Dr. Conrad Murray, who long treated Jackson and allegedly administered lethal amounts of the drug propofol to the star, stopped the process of CPR so he could hand another man drug vials to stash away, Jackson's logistics director Alberto Alvarez told investigators, according to the AP.

Jackson died June 25 from an overdose of propofol and two other drugs Murray gave him -- Jackson reportedly referred to the propofol as his "milk" and used the drug to sleep, even though the powerful sedative is meant to be used in hospitals under the supervision of a doctor, experts said.

According to Alvarez, Murray interrupted CPR on Jackson to instruct Alvarez to put vials of drugs in a bag. The statement was questioned by Murray's lawyer, who alleged Alvarez did not mention the vials in an earlier statement.

"Alberto, Alberto, come quickly," Murray said, according to a statement obtained by The Associated Press. "He had a reaction, he had a bad reaction."

Alvarez told investigators he saw Jackson with his mouth and eyes open with no sign of life, an IV attached to the singer's body as Murray performed mouth-to-mouth while Alvarez did CPR.

Jackson's children, Prince and Paris, cried as they saw the doctor trying to save their father, according to Alvarez. They were quickly ushered away. 

Alvarez said Murray then told him to remove an IV bag from a stand and put it in a blue canvas bag. He did, and noticed the bag had a connector with a milky white substance in it. Alvarez didn't say what happened to the bags, nor did he identify what was in the vials. 

Two days after Jackson's death, under several hours of questioning by police, Murray eventually directed them to a closet in Jackson's bedroom. In it, they found propofol and other sedatives in a bag. 

Murray, a Texas-based physician, was charged with involuntary manslaughter in February in Los Angeles.

Murray "did unlawfully, and without malice, kill Michael Joseph Jackson...in the commission of an unlawful act, not a felony," a statement from the L.A. District Attorney's office said at the time of the hearing.

California Attorney General Jerry Brown's office has asked a court to suspend Murray's license pending the outcome of criminal proceedings against him.

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