Jon Stewart: Donald Trump a Gift from the Comedy Gods

"Thank you, Gilda Radner, George Carlin, and Richard Pryor."

On Wednesday's edition of "The Daily Show," Jon Stewart lamented that the general election match-up between President Barack Obama and Mitt Romney offers little by way of comedic material. "This election is gonna suck," Stewart sighed.

"I might as well resign myself to the long slog to November with no ray of light or hope," Stewart said.

But moments later, Stewart received a "gift from the comedy gods."

"In my despair over not having good election material, have the comedy gods delivered onto me a Trump-O-Gram?" Stewart asked his raucous audience.

Indeed they did. Inside of a gold box topped with a wig meant to resemble Trump's notorious mane, Stewart found gold—comedy gold, that is: clips of Trump's round of telephone interviews with major cable networks in advance of his Wednesday fundraiser for Romney.

The clips, in which the real estate mogul and reality TV host metes out what Stewart called "birther Trump-Fu," is a bracing "shot of pure, imported, rare, single-mart, black tar Trump resin."

Amid theorizing about Pres. Obama's birth certificate, Trump even plugged the Serta mattress that bears his name.

"In the middle of the whole birther run, Trump still has time to sell, baby, sell!" Stewart quipped.

But unless Trump manages to insert himself into every cable news cycle, Stewart will probably have to keep his comedy bits laser-focused on Obama and Romney. And he isn't happy about that.

"We gotta cover Romney and Obama knowing this beautiful man is out here?"

Stewart had one simple message for Trump.

"Donald, you have to get back in the race for president."

Check out the full clip below via Comedy Central:

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