“Jersey Shore” Looks to Rosetta Stone While in Italy

Some cast members are taking to Rosetta Stone to learn the basics of Italian. Namely, how to politely decline carbs.

“La palestra, l'abbronzatura, il bucato.”

This is what the cast of “Jersey Shore” needs to learn—“gym, tan, laundry” in Italian (at least, according to Babelfish). Which is why, while filming in Italy, certain cast members have taken to the popular language software Rosetta Stone.

According to the New York Daily News, several cast-members packed the language program with their other Italian essentials (we guess hair gel, tanning lotion, and lip gloss).

Ronnie Magro has very practical reasons for learning Italian. “I need to know how to order grilled chicken when I get down there,” Ronnie told People. “I can’t have pasta every day!”

Snooki, too, is worried about her figure. “…Going to Italy and drinking wine and having spaghetti all day—it throws me off course.”

The Seaside Heights, N.J. crew recently touched down in the Old World and has begun what will surely be an epic season of “Jersey Shore.”

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