Disney's Sorry It Couldn't Make Your Kid Smarter

Company recalls "Baby Einstein" videos

Blame Disney for your kid's poor test scores.

The giant entertainment conglomerate Friday said it will offer refunds on its "Baby Einstein" serious of videos, conceding in a lawsuit that the video exercises didn't increase infants' intelligence despite claims it would.

Lawyers threatened Disney last year that it would sue unless Disney offered a full refund -- $15.99 per video -- to customers who wished to cash in on their "Baby Einstein" stash, the New York Times reported Friday.

Customers can get a discount coupon, exchange the video for a different title, or get the cash back if they redeem the refund until March 10.

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"Baby Einstein" owns about 90 percent of the baby media market and its products in about $200 million in profits per year, according to the Times. About one-third of all American babies had at least one video from the chain.

Disney removed the label "educational" from the videos' marketing in 2006, giving in to public interest groups who appealed the Federal Trade Commission about the lack of results from the videos.

Disney's lawyers wouldn't dish about the decision.

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