Team USA's Errol Spence's Olympic Boxing Loss Overturned

USA Boxing had filed a protest over Spence's fight

The controversial decision that cost Team USA's welterweight boxer Errol Spence Jr. a bout Friday was overturned early Saturday by the sport's governing body.

At least four more points should have been awarded to Spence, the International Amateur Boxing Association found, overturning Spence's loss to India's Krishan Vikas and deeming him the winner of his Friday bout, 13:15.

Before AIBA's decision, Spence had been the last U.S. boxer still left in these Games, and his loss meant 2012 would be the first Olympics in which the U.S. competed in boxing but did not medal at all. USA Boxing filed a protest of his loss.

While it appeared to many people watching the bout that Spence had won his round of 16 bout against Vikas on Friday, the judges' scoring gave the win to Vikas.

According to the original scores, the Texas southpaw lost the first round 4-2. Spence came back to take round two 5-6. He then lost round three 4-3, and the final score was Vikas 13, Spence 11.

It appeared even the referee believed Spence was the winner, throwing his hand up before pulling it down and throwing Vikas' hand up, as the announcer made the call.

In the single-elimination tournament, Spence's loss meant he was out of the running for a Team USA medal.

But the decision early Saturday morning by the sport's governing body changed that — and reinstated Team USA boxers in the Games.

"I feel like I scored more shots than him," Spence said in a post-bout interview, just after he had been declared the loser.

Spence is currently the top-ranked amateur welterweight in the country and fifth-ranked in the world.

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