“Daily Show” Piles on the Southern Snow Jokes

Just as southern states began to dig themselves out from the winter storm that paralyzed much of the country, Jon Stewart piled up the snow jokes on "The Daily Show."

"The ice-age doomsday zombie apocalypse has come to Atlanta," Stewart said, comparing the frozen chaos to scenes from the hit TV series "The Walking Dead."

"Damn you gay marriage," he continued with mock outrage and a fist shake, then added, "Why didn't we listen?"

"I can't even imagine how much snow it must take to bring about the zombie apocalypse. Three feet? Ten feet?" Stewart pondered, before learning the answer was two inches.

"Really? Two inches of snow? Is that what happens when the South is confronted by something not specifically mentioned in Revelations? 'We're ready for horsemen of the apocalypse and rivers of blood, but Jesus didn't say nothing here about snow tires!'"

Amazed at how unprepared the state was to deal with the conditions, Stewart couldn't help but make mention of the fact that The Weather Channel is based in Georgia's capital city. "Not only were they warned, but the call was coming from inside the house. The Weather Channel is located in Atlanta, it's right there!"

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