Brian Austin Green to Megan Fox: “Don't Watch 90210”

Former "90210" star doesn't want wife to watch the show

When a couple gets married, they usually enjoy sharing their successes with one another, regardless of how big, small—or embarrassing they are.

That's not the case for former '90s heartthrob Brian Austin Green, 38, who has a mutual agreement with his wife, actress Megan Fox, 25, not to watch each other's work—ever.

Fox, who's been busted for covert attempts to catch old "90210" episodes, has had trouble keeping up her end of the deal.

“She tries to sneak them on SOAPnet," Green told New York Magazine's Vulture. "And then she gets in trouble for it. We have a rule: We don’t watch each other’s stuff.”

Thirteen years his junior, it's fair to say Fox is more of a "Dawson's Creek" kind of gal anyway.

No word if she's seen any of Green's infamous rap videos though.

Fox's last film, "Passion Play," which co-stars Mickey Rourke and Bill Murray, grossed just $3,669 at the box office. Chances are her hubby, unlike Fox, didn't break their rule and check it out.

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