“Black Swan” Swoops in to Win Four Spirit Awards

With less than 24 hours to go before the Oscars, one final awards show has spoken on their favorite films of the year.

Among them, “Black Swan” was a big winner, winning four awards, including Natalie Portman for Best Actress and Darren Aronofsky for directing. The ubiquitous James Franco won the Best Actor award for his work in “127 Hours.”

“The King’s Speech,” a favorite for Best Picture at the Oscars, came away with the prize for Best Foreign Film.

Portman and Aronofsky both had success stories to share about their personal and professional accomplishments in the film. In the beginning, Portman said, ballet instructors were waiting for payment, and Aronofsky had difficulty in securing financial help to launch the film. “Now, they’re (expletive) rich,” said Aronofsky, whose film has grossed over $100 million.

Tom Hooper, the director of “The King’s Speech,” says that he is jittery for the upcoming Oscars, but hasn’t paid much attention to the race. He is, however, a bit nervous about any pending speeches.

“I think anyone would be not in their right mind at the prospect of making a speech in front of half a billion people,” the director said.

Selected Reading: MSNBC, EW

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