Attorney: Lohan Hopes For Family Time Pre-Rehab

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Even though she’s got just less than a week left in her highly publicized jail stint, Lindsay Lohan is already concerned about her upcoming three month stay in rehab.

“She’s a little upset right now,” said her lawyer, Shawn Chapman Holley, in an interview with People. “She’d like to spend some time with her family, and there’s at least some question as to whether or not she’ll have to do directly to rehab.”

Presently, LiLo will have a day from the time of her release to make personal arrangements before heading to rehab, though Holley says the concern now is that the troubled star will go straight to a rehab facility.

“I think it would only be fair for her to spend some time with her family and that’s what she’d like me to emphasize to the judge,” Holley said.

Lohan started a 90-day jail sentence at a women’s facility in Lynnwood, Calif., on July 20 for violating probation in a DUI case. She is scheduled for early release on Sunday or Monday due to overcrowding.

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