Natalie Portman: “I Don’t Want To” Show up on a Porn Site

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While many Hollywood stars have gone nude for their craft, Natalie Portman told the February 2010 issue of Elle UK there's a reason she hasn't shown her private parts.

"I'm definitely not a prude about sex or nudity, I just don't want to do something that will end up as a screen grab on a porn site," she told the mag.

One of her next films, "Black Swan," features an intense sex scene with co-star Mila Kunis, and the actress has shown skin for roles in "Closer" and the short film "Hotel Chevalier," but she said she wants to be seen as an actress – not a sex symbol.

"You look at Meryl Streep, who is so phenomenally, freakishly gorgeous, and in some ways it's just bizarre that she was never a sex symbol," Natalie said. "But it was always about her - and now it doesn't matter that she's getting older, because we just want to continue watching her be an interesting person. Whereas you see actresses who marketed themselves on their bodies, and they might be good, but over time they just lose it because that sort of thing doesn't last."

Another thing Natalie's avoided on screen – playing Jewish characters, despite being born in Jerusalem and being a proud member of the Tribe.

"I've always tried to stay away from playing Jews," she said, explaining her role as a Hasidic bride in "New York, I Love You." "I get, like, 20 Holocaust scripts a month, but I hate the genre. That was the first thing to come my way that really intrigued me."

Natalie also has a comedy on her plate – medieval marijuana romp "Your Highness," slated for October.

"It wasn't that I didn't want to do comedy," Natalie said. "It's just just that I would only get offered girlfriend parts in guy comedies where the woman has to have a job in fashion so that she can have nice clothes, and her goal is always marriage. I'm more interested in finding characters that make me laugh."

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