Mysterious “Ferris Bueller” Super Bowl Ad Teaser Pops Up Online

Matthew Broderick's iconic character is back, but what is he selling?

If you're one of those people who watch the Super Bowl "for the commercials," then get ready to be very excited indeed.

A teaser video has popped up online starring Matthew Broderick that has the internet in a tizzy. The 49-year-old appears in what looks to be a hotel room, wearing a bathrobe. He flips open the curtains, looks directly at the camera, and says, "How am I supposed to handle work on a day like today?" Cue a few bars of the iconic song "Oh Yeah" by Yello, which served as a theme song for the film "Ferris Bueller's Day Off." 

The mysterious video, posted by chuckachucka2012, is accompanied by a caption which reads: 

"We hate to be such a tease, but on a day like today, we just have to. Stick it out until the Super Bowl, or take a 'day off' on Monday and catch the big reveal."

Is it a new movie? Not likely, although Broderick has certainly been open to the idea. Still, the internet has been running rampant with speculation that it could be an add for a travel site (like Travelocity) or perhaps even Pepsi (noting the similarity in the font used).

Looks like we'll have to wait and see...

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