Motorcycle Powered by Sewage, Has Toilet for Seat

Seat is a toilet. Seriously.

A new motorcycle that has a toilet for a seat and runs on sewage just completed a 600-mile trek across Japan.

The eco-friendly, three-wheel Neo runs on biogas produced from sewage and was built by Japanese toilet maker Toto. It has a (non-working) toilet for a seat and a giant roll of toilet paper mounted on the back.

While the bike is not for sale and not designed for mass production, Toto hopes it will promote um, renewable energy. The bike's fuel is produced from a combination of household and livestock waste, broken down and fermented, company spokesman Kenji Fujita said.

"Although the seat of the bike is indeed a toilet, it is not for actual use," Fujita told Reuters. "The fuel is eco-friendly biogas, stored in the tanks on the back."

"It's a surprisingly nice way to travel."

The motorcycle can reach 45 miles per hour.

Ichie Tanaka, one of six people who rode the Neo across Japan during the three-week tour, said she was relieved the journey was over.

"At first when I saw the bike, I was taken aback. But after riding it, I found it quite interesting," she said. "It doesn't hurt at all and is actually quite comfortable to sit on."

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