Most Expensive Home in the US Has James Bond-Themed Theater, Exotic Cars Fleet and Your Own Masseuse

"The budget was there is no budget." That's what real estate developer Bruce Makowsky said in his note to potential buyers of the most expensive house for sale in the country, listed for a record-breaking $250 million in Bel Air.

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Williams & Williams Estates
Williams & Williams Estates
Developer Bruce Makowsky's four-story masterpiece is intended to be the "crown jewel" of his career. Makowsky and his wife found success selling handbags and shoes on QVC before jumping into real estate five years ago.
Williams & Williams Estates
Nestled in the hills of Bel Air, this mansion features a deck out of the master bedroom overlooking the 85-foot infinity pool and Jacuzzi and the skyline of the city.
Williams & Williams Estates
The buyer can dine among a $1 million art installation of Leica camera and a $2 million hand-crafted steel staircase.
Williams & Williams Estates
The "Billionaire" comes equipped with two cellars stocked with wine and Champagne and a personal chef as one of seven full-time employees who live on site in a separate staff wing.
Williams & Williams Estates
Decked out in hand-crafted Italian leather recliners, the James Bond-themed home theater also features 16 subwoofers and 57 speakers.
EMPTY_CAPTION"The goal with 'Billionaire' was simple; every inch of the property in the home had to be innovative, flawless, and meticulously curated," Makowsky said. "To keep in line with my mission, I traveled the globe and secured the richest materials the world had to offer, taking it upon myself to personally organize each and every detail."
The bowling alley comes equipped with golden bowling pins and bowling shoes of every size.
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The $30 million cars in the home's pre-stocked 'auto gallery' include a Ferrari, Mercedes Roadster, Pagani Huayra, and 10 motorcycles.
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The game room comes with custom-built, ready-to-play foosball and pool tables and at least two dozen different kinds of candy in its candy wall.
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This interactive artwork of the Seven Dwarfs is one of 130 art installations throughout the home and cost $500,000 alone.
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When you have a personal chef and a pre-stocked candy wall, it helps to have your own personal gym as well.
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The price tag of the home includes a masseuse's salary for the first two years of ownership.
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Makowsky included two wine and Champagne cellars filled with hundreds of bottles from around the world.
Williams & Williams Estates
Makowsky hand-selected much of the artwork throughout the home. “'Billionaire' comes completely furnished like no other estate in the world," he wrote in a note to potential buyers. "There are over a hundred incredible art installations that will leave you speechless!]"
Williams & Williams Estates
The second view of the lounge shows that whoever buys this home will have plenty of room for their friends, too.
Williams & Williams Estates
Overlooking the city of Los Angeles, the infinity pool is 85 feet in length with a swim-up bar and outdoor theater that can retract out of sight of swimmers if they prefer to see the city.
Remember — for only a quarter of a billion dollars, this home can be yours.
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