Avon Doctor Charged With Sexually Assaulting 10 Women

An Avon, Connecticut, doctor who was arrested in January, accused of sexually assaulting patients during medical visits, is facing additional charges after more than a dozen other women say he touched them inappropriately, according to the new warrants for his arrest.

Dr. Khosro Pourkavoos, 51, was charged after police investigated a woman's complaint that he sexually assaulted her in his office and identified other potential victims, police said.

Two separate warrants were issued in January, charging him with one count of second-degree sexual assault and two counts of fourth-degree sexual assault.

Since then, "an additional 13 females came forward and gave statements to police alleging that they were inappropriately touched by Dr. Pourkavoos," according to a recent warrant for his arrest.

Nine of those complaints brought new charges. Pourkavoos was arrested again June 4 and was released after posting bond.

His case was continued to July 18 and moved to Part A.

According to the new arrest warrants, almost all the victims tell similar stories of having rectal and genital exams even though they were visiting the doctor for neck pain, rashes and other unrelated ailments.

One patient complained that the doctor "remained in the room while she undressed and didn't provide any type of gown," and then, without warning or explanation, examined her without using gloves.

Another said that, as she was standing, Pourkavoos "put a hand on her back and pushed forward so that she was bent over the exam table," then performed the exam, also without gloves, according to a warrant for his arrest.

According to the warrants, at least two of the alleged victims tearfully relayed their experiences to their husbands immediately after the exams and never returned to Pourkavoos' office.

Attorney James Bergenn is representing Pourkavoos, and said the doctor understands that police are required to investigate certain types of claims, even when the claims later prove not credible.

He went on to say they need to investigate, even when further investigation suggests that unfortunate but confidential personal, psychological or financial circumstances explain the perceptions or the motivations behind them.

It has been difficult for Pourkavoos’ family that any claims have been made at all, Bergenn said, and he is concerned about the well-being of his family and all of the patients he’s served for so many years. 

Police said Pourkavoos has a practice at 35 Nod Road in Avon.

Almost all the complainants said they went to Pourkavoos because he was the only local doctor who accepted Husky Healthcare, a state insurance provider.

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