Monster Monitor


WONDER WALL: We've seen massive displays before, so the 72-inches touted by VIZIO's 2010 XVT LCD series don't quite make us gasp -- it's the other features that give us giggles. Not only does it boast a whopping 480Hz refresh (that's roughly eight times as fast as your average computer monitor), the XVT is 3D. Yeah, like Avatar 3D. Of course, you'll have to wear Bluetooth synced glasses to get that effect, but when you match that with the upcoming ESPN 3D channel coming in June, we're pretty sure you'll be pleased as punch. Beyond the tri-dimensional display, the TV also has the benefit of being wireless HD and Internet enabled -- that means no more HDMI cables running up (or, in our case, through) the walls, and with Internet enabled widgets built-in to the TV, you'll be able to check the weather without visiting that top right corner of our site. On second though, maybe you can still come for the weather... GET IT: Not yet...though it's expected to ship this year.

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