Monday Watch List: They Make You Feel Like Dancin'!

Welcome to Watch List, where we identify five things on TV to watch while you stay at home and use your NCAA tourney bracket for kindling. In retrospect, perhaps picking Belmont to win it all was a rash decision. LET’S GO!

DANCING WITH THE STARS – 8:00PM (ABC) ABC’s powerhouse dancing competition is back for another season of hoofing. No Kate Gosselin or Bristol Palin this time, though. Your most notable contestant is probably Kirstie Alley, who may not last very long. There are also a handful of athletes in the mix (Hines Ward, Chris Jericho, Sugar Ray Leonard), but overall this is a fairly tame and noncontroversial group. So it’ll be interesting to see if DWTS can again best “American Idol” in the overall ratings now that “Idol” has enjoyed a mild resurgence despite the absence of Simon Cowell. Who will win the hearts of elderly Americans who are too cheap to spring for cable? Find out! ANTICIPATION: HIGH!

HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER – 8:00PM (CBS) John Lithgow guest stars tonight as Barney’s father. And let’s hope that Lithgow’s character doesn’t turn out to be a deranged serial killer who’s actually an alien from a nearby planet who outlawed dancing in his hometown. Because that’s kind of what I’m used to with Lithgow. ANTICIPATION: LITHGOW!

CASTLE – 10:00PM (ABC) I’m not sure any show in history has become a hit as quietly as “Castle” has. It’s not some random schedule-filler of a show. It has quite the devoted following, and now star Nathan Fillion is on the cover of “Entertainment Weekly” and everything’s going cuckoo. They even got Corbin Bersen and Jane Seymour to guest star this evening. Hopefully, Seymour won’t be passing out any of those ugly Kay Jeweler’s necklaces. ANTICIPATION: SEYMOUR CASTLE!

TRIANGLE: REMEMBERING THE FIRE – 9:00PM (HBO) PBS aired a documentary back in February about the Triangle Shirtwaist factory fire, which killed 146 people in 1911. But if that doc wasn’t enough to satisfy you Shirtwaist fanboys out there, HBO is airing a second documentary about the century-old tragedy. Let’s hope FOX doesn’t make it a trio of specials. ANTICIPATION: TRAGEDY!

ANTHONY BOURDAIN: NO RESERVATIONS – 9:00PM (Travel Channel) After visiting three straight third world nations gutted by war, Tony goes back to lighter fare this evening, roaming the streets of Vienna and eating what is sure to be lethal amounts of sausage. ANTICIPATION: WEISSWURST!

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