Missing Dog Reunited With Family After Deadly Tornado Takes Owner's Life

Missy, a white German shepherd, belonged to Geraldine "Geri" Schultz, who died in the tornado that ripped through Fairdale

A spark of hope visited a grieving Fairdale family Saturday afternoon in the form of a missing pet.

Missy, a white German shepherd, returned to her family after she went missing following the deadly tornado Thursday. The dog belonged to Fairdale resident Geraldine "Geri" Schultz, who died in the storm.

A ComEd crew member found Missy when he was riding in a truck and saw what he thought looked like a white shadow a field. The crew then called the police, who alerted the family. 

Still traumatized from the deadly storm, Missy initially fled from everyone. Tyler Rowan, Schultz's grandson, said the family chased the dog for 2.5 miles before they caught up with her. 

Schultz's husband, Clem Schultz, hasn't let go of the dog since, Rowan said. 

A Facebook page called "The Search for Missy" was created in the hopes of finding the dog. On Saturday afternoon the group posted a message saying Missy had been found and was reunited with Schultz's family.

As residents of the Fairdale and Rochelle communities return home to search for any belongings they can salvage, others frantically search for the pets they had to leave behind.

Another Facebook page called "Fairdale and Rochelle Illinois Pet Recovery" has been created to assist in the search. People can post pictures of their missing pets and help identify any strays they find wandering in the area.

People searching for their missing pets can also reach out to the National Disaster Animal Response and Recovery Teams (NDARRT) in DeKalb and surrounding areas.

Those who would like to foster animals who haven't found their families can contact Traci Ann at the Kirkland Fire Department.

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