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Military Officials Deny US Strike on Syrian Mosque, Civilian Deaths

A humans rights group said dozens were killed in an Aleppo mosque, while military officials said the U.S. targeted a nearby al-Qaeda meeting

Military officials told NBC News Thursday night that U.S. forces hit an al-Qaeda target in northwestern province of Idlib in Syria and killed several suspected terrorists, but the officials denied any damage by the U.S. and subsequent civilian deaths at a nearby mosque.

The comments from officials came after the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, which reports military actions in Syria, said at least 42 people were killed in an airstrike on a mosque in Aleppo. The group however didn't know who launched the attack.

Other activists alleged the U.S. hit the mosque as well. However, while the officials acknowledged there was a mosque 50 feet from the al-Qaeda target, they said U.S. photographs show the mosque was not hit and was still standing.

The officials didn't rule out that the mosque may have been struck later by someone else.

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