Michael Bolton's “Triumphant” (Yet Lacking) Return To “Dancing”

That didn't take long. After mercifully getting booted off the show last week, Michael Bolton made his "triumphant" return to "Dancing With the Stars" Tuesday night.

We know it was triumphant, because host Tom Bergeron told us so afterwards.

"Wouldn't you say that was a triumphant return?" Bergeron egged on the studio audience after the song.

It was a success in that Bolton reminded us what he does best in true shouldn't-have-quit-the-day-job style. A last-minute replacement for Susan Boyle, who had another one of her singing ailments, Bolton sang a soulful version of "Hallelujah" and let professional dancers glide across the dance floor to the music. Little choir boys emerged from backstage to sing backup. It was all very nice.

It must be said that it was a little odd that the show's producers decided to use the always-cheesy fog machine in this number and the dance number before. It was like they rented the machine, so they decided to get the absolute most fog-bang for their buck.

Back to Bolton. He didn't do a few things -- including (thankfully) dance. The crooner moved his foot approximately one time during the song. Those dancing days are no doubt over after his two-week drubbing on the show which ended with Bolton crawling out of a doghouse.

But the real lacking part of the number was the apparent refusal by Bolton to bury the hatchet with Bruno Tonioli, the judge who was accused of being too harsh towards Bolton in his comments last week.

You were expecting some sort of comment about it all being over and forgiven -- a joke, a handshake, an ironic comment, a wink. But nothing. Bolton said that he was "surprised" and "very happy" to be back with his friends in the show.

He never addressed the elephant in the room, even though the ABC cameras constantly panned to Tonioli who was giving a standing ovation to the song.

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