Mel B More Than a Show Host, a Client as Well

It's still shocking to know that the normally functional minds at "Dancing with the Stars" went with Brooke Burke as co-host this season over the far more engaging Mel B.

Burke was so awkward and boring on the show, despite her best attempts to reveal her two only assets in skimpy outfits. Poor choice, made worse considering Mel B auditioned for the part.

While "DWTS" fans snoozed every time Burke read cue cards on camera, Mel B was snapped up by the Oxygen to host her own dance show -- "Dance Your Ass Off."

She's more than a suitable host for the dance/weight loss competition formerly hosted by "DWTS" alum Marissa Jaret Winokur.

"When I got offered the opportunity I thought, 'Why not?' I love the show already," Mel B tells PopcornBiz. "And I get to bring my own thing to it."

But the former Spice girl Mel B also has a good tale for the show that premiered Monday night. She knows what it's like to go through extreme weight loss after dropping serious weight  following the birth of her child.

"I had 75 pounds of baby weight to lose to get back to my usual self," she tells PopcornBiz. "It took months."

"I didn't literally dance it off, I just got in shape," she adds. "I danced, I worked out, and I did a healthy lifestyle." And let's face it, while we loved Marissa on the show, she clearly never danced anything off -- bless her.

Contestants on the show will have a real incentive to lose the weight. They're battling their waistlines and each other for a $100,000 grand prize.

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