Megan Fox Will Be Back, Because She Has Wings

Even as "Jonah Hex" continues to slowly drift towards the bottom of the box office, Megan Fox will find her way back on-top again -- she has wings, after all.

Fox next appears in an independent film "Passion Play" alongside Mickey Rourke where she will have a new take on the leading lady.

"My character is out of a traveling freak show," Fox said recently. "She has bird wings that sprouted out of her back in puberty. And it's this very bizarre, strange relationship they have."

Somehow I can imagine Rourke being a wings kind of guy, showing us new range as he goes from a down-on-his-luck Russian scientist in "Iron Man 2" to being a down-on-his-luck trumpet player in this modern film noire.

The movie buzz will only build up for the apparent fall release in the wake of apparently leaked photos purported to be Megan Fox topless on the set.

Now that she no longer has to deal with Michael Bay and those pesky robot movies, Fox is able to turn her attention to new creative outlets. The 24-year-old starlet suggests she'd be into producing movies. "If I were able to I'd like to get into that sure," she said.

But we'll never see her behind the camera. "I'm definitely not directing," said Fox. "I have absolutely no skill that suggests I would be able to do something like that."

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