Megan Fox: I Don't Even Know What Revenge Is

For someone known for her public battles with big industry enemies (most notably director Michael Bay), Megan Fox is actually a sugar-loving peacenik at heart.

Despite starring in "Jonah Hex," a film all about ugly retribution, Fox insists she doesn't even know the definition of the "r" word.

"I cannot talk about retribution," she said at the "Jonah Hex" press day. "I'm all full of candy canes and lollipops. I don't even know what that word means."

The woman who once called Bay a "nazi" downplays her rebellious side.

"The only thing that is rebellious about me is that I don't have any fears as far as this industry is concerned -- and I'll do things that other people are afraid to do or afraid to say," she said. "Am I rebellious? Of course I feel there are many sides to me and to who I am."

Another side we don't know read about with Fox: her domestic goddess side. "Oddly, you wouldn't think it, but I'm very domestic," said Fox. "And that keeps me sane."

Staying away from the Lindsay Lohans and the night crowd keeps her out of trouble.

"I sort of distance myself from the Hollywood crowd," she said. "I don't go out and socialize that way."

She has the same friends today from before she was famous. "My personal relations keep me grounded," said Fox. "I've kept people close to me that I love and I respect and who take care of me.

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