Donald Trump

Meet Army Veteran Who's Never Missed Inauguration Day Since Nixon

Sammy Lee Davis is returning to Washington this week and says he is eager to watch Donald Trump become the next president of the United States

Decorated Vietnam veteran Sammy Lee Davis will have a front row seat on Donald Trump's Inauguration Day.

Davis, who lives outside a tiny Indiana community called Freedom, has been an honored witness to every president taking oath of office since Richard Nixon's first inauguration in 1969.

It doesn't matter whether he voted for the President-elect or not, David said, he goes to each ceremony out of a "sense of duty — an obligation I feel in my soul."

After Nixon's inauguration, the president sent Davis a personal note, thanking him for attending, and for his service.

Davis and other recipients are invited to each presidential inauguration through the Congressional Medal of Honor Society, which helps cover expenses for the trip.

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