McDonald's to Offer Mozzarella Sticks Nationwide Next Year

McDonald's USA President Mike Andres announced plans Tuesday to widely offer mozzarella sticks in the U.S. as “ a snack item to add to your order"

McDonald’s plans to add a new snack item to menus across the country next year.

McDonald's USA President Mike Andres announced plans Tuesday to widely offer mozzarella sticks in the U.S. as “a snack item to add to your order,” a company spokesperson confirmed. 

The move is the latest addition to the Oak Brook-based chain’s menus.

The fast food giant made headlines after it rolled out all-day breakfast options nationally last month.

Reports have also indicated the chain may soon chop the Dollar Menu and add a $2 menu in a program called the “Pick 2.” The “Pick 2” would allow customers to choose two items for $2. Franchise owners were expected to vote on the 2-for-2 deal late last month.

The franchise is also making a few other tweaks as a way to entice customers, like toasting burger buns longer and searing burger patties. Most recently, the company revealed plans to test Monster drinks at about 20 restaurants in the U.S., including in Illinois.

Since new CEO Steve Easterbrook took over the company in March, McDonald’s has seen an uptick in sales at U.S. locations during the third quarter. It’s the first time sales have increased in two years.

Easterbrook has said he wants to transform McDonald's into a "modern, progressive burger company."

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