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US Rep. Gaetz Tweet on Hunting Antifa Hit With Warning From Twitter for Glorifying Violence

The Florida congressman's statement was flagged by Twitter users who accused it of promoting the killing of American citizens

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Twitter placed a notice on a tweet from Rep. Matt Gaetz after the Florida Republican tweeted about hunting "antifa" on Monday, but the social media platform did not take down the statement.

The congressman’s tweet was hidden with a notice that it violated Twitter’s rules for glorifying violence, similar to a notice that was placed on a tweet from President Donald Trump last week. Gaetz posed a question about hunting Antifa in reference to Trump’s decision Sunday to label the group as domestic terrorists.

"Now that we clearly see Antifa as terrorists, can we hunt them down like we do those in the Middle East?" Gaetz tweeted.

Antifa, meaning "anti-fascist," is a coalition of protesters, left-wing activists and self-described anarchists who seek to physically confront and bring down what they deem as the far right.

Gaetz’s tweet was quickly flagged by users who said they would report it for promoting the killing of fellow Americans. Once the tweet was shrouded by the notice, however, users could no longer reply or like the post.

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