Los Angeles

Mastering the Perfect Cook on Your Bread

Chef Nathan Peitso demonstrates how to get the perfect grill on your bread

When most people think about cooking bread, they head to the toaster, panini machine or oven. But, have you ever thought about how good your bread would taste if you tried grilling it?

"Bread is fantastic and it’s even better when you grill it," says Nathan Peitso, chef and owner of Farmhouse Los Angeles.

After cutting your bread and firing up your grill, the next important things to do are to oil both sides so it doesn’t stick and to season it with salt.

When your bread is ready to hit the grill, make sure to push it down with either your fingers or tongs so it gets crispy. After several minutes, it should be ready. You can even rub a clove of garlic and a tomato onto the top to add some extra flavor.

"It’s just an amazing treat that everyone will go crazy for," Peitso said.

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