Martha Stewart's Food Photos Put the Gore in Gourmet

The TV personality has been making a buzz online with her bad food photography

Martha Stewart is a successful television personality, writer, publisher, and entrepreneur--however when it comes to capturing a picture of what's to be consumed on her plate, well, some dishes look decidely less than appetizing.

Stewart has been sharing photos of gourmet foods on Twitter that many users have been criticizing, saying that her photos make foods look less than desirable.
"That looks terrible," wrote @andyalmeida.
@LemonheadCooks: "I didn't realize she was back in the slammer."
@swasko got visceral: "Gross. Dog vomit."
Restaurant critic from The New York Times Pete Wells also spoke out against her food photography: "So disillusioning. This is like seeing Jascha Heifetz play Tchaikovsky's violin concerto on his armpits."
Her photos have even prompted a petition begging Stewart to stop taking photos of her meals.
Take a look at a few of her photos and judge for yourself. 
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