Man Arrested for Stealing Livestock Worth Over $200K

A man who was supposed to be watching 240 cattle and horses for an ill West Texas rancher has been accused of stealing and selling the animals.

Special Rangers from the Texas and Southwestern Cattle Raisers Association, or TSCRA, made the arrest after a three-month investigation.

The victim, a ranger from Odessa, had an injury that resulted in a life-threatening blood disease and was not expected to live. Asher Quinn Hoxie, 38, and his wife told the victim they would take care of the cows and horses for the rancher, authorities said.

An investigation revealed that Hoxie managed to sell all of the victim's cattle and horses in 2012, instead of taking care of them as he promised the rancher.

The total value of the livestock – over $200,000.

Hoxie is held on a $500,000 bond for charges of misapplication of fiduciary property of over 200,000, police said. Authorities said they are trying to find the stolen cattle and horses before further charges are filed.

TSCRA has dozens of special rangers stationed throughout Texas and Oklahoma who enforce laws and regulations pertaining to livestock.

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