“Lord of the Rings” To Return to Theaters

Got a hankering to revisit Middle Earth and about 12 hours to kill? Well, friend, you are in luck.

Warner Bros. has announced a special theatrical run of the extended versions of all three "Lord of the Rings" films starting June 14th with "The Fellowship of the Ring." ("The Two Towers" will open on the 21st, and "The Return of the King" on June 28th - no George Lucas-esque three year milking for this franchise).

The run will coincide with the release of the extended editions on Blu-ray for the first time June 28th.

For those who have taken the time to delve into the extended editions on DVD, you know that they are ridiculously long but ultimately much better films ("Two Towers," especially, benefits enormously from the additional material - Faramir's entire storyline makes a hell of a lot more sense). While the idea of sitting in a theater for 4 hours at a time is daunting, we have a feeling anyone who saw "Lord of the Rings" and "returning to theaters" and did a spit-take with their Lembas bread probably doesn't have a problem with the running time.

This return to the saga also times nicely with the start of production on "The Hobbit," which is now underway down in New Zealand.

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