‘For One Last Time, We Are Closed’: Long Island Toys R Us Employee’s Sign-Off Goes Viral

An employee's touching final PA announcement at a Long Island Toys R Us has gone viral online. 

Ryan Madigan' sign-off at the bankrupt toy store chain's Lake Grove location has been seen 75,000 times since it was posted late on Thursday, the last day of business Toys R Us locations nationwide.

After 70 years in business, the “biggest toy store there is” is no more. Roseanne Colletti was there as the doors closed one last time on a store and brand that brought joy to so many.

"For one last time, we are closed!" Madigan says into the loudspeaker. 

He adds "I wanna also thank each and every one of my coworkers and managers for being the best staff I've ever worked with, and being more than just coworkers and managers. They are a second family that I have come to work with every day and love ever since."

He finishes, "with that being said, we will not be open tomorrow morning at 10 a.m. As always have a wonderful night."

Madigan, a 21-year-old English and rhetorical theory major at Binghamton University, said that he had worked at the store since he was 16. He said it was a "dream come true" as an action figure collector and that he will miss seeing his coworkers.

The woman who wrote the famous “Toys R Us Kid” jingle composed a new song to mark the closing of the massive toy store chain. Jen Maxfield reports.

I couldn’t have asked for a better first job that this one and I have been blessed to work with such amazing people," he said.

He added that he has another summer job lined up with his dad but he feels for his coworkers who might not have gotten another job.

"I was surprised by (Toys R Us') closing, and was very upset about the fact that so many people I care about and know we’re losing their jobs," he said. "I’ll miss it, but I knew I had to leave eventually since I’m approaching my final year of college."

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