LCD Soundsystm Doc, aka the “Best Funeral Ever,” Drops a Trailer

James Murphy fronted LCD Soundsystem, one of the most innovative and danceable bands if its time, for less than a decade. And when he decided to call it quits, he wanted to go out in style, with a massive party at Madison Square Garden.

For those us who weren't lucky enough to score tickets, Murphy allowed documentarians Dylan Southern and Will Lovelace to follow him for the 48 hours leading up to the rockin' send-off, for a film called "Shut Up and Play the Hits," which will be shown at Sundance later this month. Yesterday saw the unveiling of the trailer, and it looks awesome:

Murphy is a genius, we've loved LCD Soundsystem since their debut single "Losing My Edge," and we're very much looking forward to seeing this. But we have to admit that this whole thing also has us rolling our eyes a bit. Maybe Murphy will stick to his guns, maybe LCD Soundsystem will never reform under the same banner, but we doubt it. And the fact is that Murphy is LCD Soundsystem (this is not to take away from the wildly talented musicians he's assembled), and he will surely continue to make music. So this party, as fun as it may be, smacks of self-aggrandizement.

Bands of all stripes having been launching farewell tours and shows for years now, causing a rush to buy up tickets, albums, t-shirts and posters in a surge of nostalgia, only to have the band re-emerge a few years later for a reunion tour, which causing a new spending frenzy among the fan base. Streisand, The Who, Jay-Z, Guided By Voices... time and again it happens. It's embarrassing.

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