Divine Intervention? Falling Philadelphia Boy, 3, Lands on Framed ‘The Last Supper,' Walks Away

Divine intervention may have saved a boy who fell two stories and walked away in Philadelphia on Wednesday.

Dionna Praylow was getting 3-year-old son Reginald ready for his evening bath Wednesday inside their Dickinson Street row home. She left the boy for a moment to grab his pajamas and when Praylow returned, Reginald was gone.

Praylow said she ran frantically downstairs and as she got to the door, her son, naked, was limping back into the home, crying but unscathed aside from a bruise to his arm.

When the boy's family went outside to see where he had fallen, they discovered Reginald had landed on his grandmother's framed picture of Jesus at "The Last Supper" that was sitting outside their Point Breeze home.

Philadelphia Police Special Victims Unit investigators looked into the fall since it involved a young child. They said it appeared the boy stood up while in the bathroom and leaned on the windowsill before accidentally pushing out the plexiglass window, falling into the backyard. The boy fell onto a framed picture, police said.

Medics took the boy to the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia where doctors checked him out and released him, said police.

Reginald was no worse for wear Thursday.

"He's acting normal, running around," Praylow said Thursday.

The family didn't know why the picture was outside, but Praylow said the family has since moved the picture that apparently saved her son to their family room.

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