Lacoste Doesn’t Want Norway Monster’s Endorsement

Breivik loves shirts with the little alligator

Norway Shooter suspect

Lacoste's signature alligator on the left breast is one of the more recognaizable logos in the fashion world, and the French company is not happy about an unsolicited endorsement - from a homicidal maniac.

Anders Behring Breivik, the suspect in the July spree that left 77 dead in Norway, favors the shirts and has been photographed wearing them several times while in custody. Lacoste as asked Norwegian officials to make him stop, according to the Norwegian daily newspaper Dagbladet.

"The company feels that such a man sporting their clothes could do considerable harm to their reputation," an Oslo policeman told the paper.

Lacoste declined to comment. But the French newspaper Liberation said Breivik's is the worst kind of celebrity endorsement any company could ever get.

"This situation is clearly a nightmare for one of France's most distinguished clothing companies," the newspaper said.

Breivik is suspected of killing eight people with a truck bomb he set off near Oslo government buildings, then traveling to an island where youth were camping and gunning down 69 in an hourlong rampage. He is suspected of being a far-right nut who was protesting the nation's stance on immigration.

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