Kevin Spacey Is the Last of the “Horrible Bosses”

With shooting set to start in a month, "Horrible Bosses" has added Kevin Spacey as the last of the despicable employers that inspire a murderous plot by disgruntled workers.

Spacey, who's already played one of the worst bosses in movie history in "Swimming With Sharks," joins Colin Farrell and Jennifer Aniston as the titular "Horrible Bosses."

Fed up with their abuse, underlings Jason Bateman, Charlie Day and Jason Sudiekis conspire to murder one another's bosses. The three will be getting some helpful hints on murder from "Motherf***** Jones," a hustler to be played by Jamie Foxx.

As we've noted before, the story sounds like a cross between "Swimming With Sharks" and "Strangers on a Train" (the inspiration for "Throw Momma From the Train," for those with short memories), and it sounds promising.

Seth Gordon, director of the laughably brilliant documentary "King of Kong, is behind the camera for "Horrible Bosses," which starts shooting July 6 and is slated for release on July 29, 2011.

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