Kevin Kline: The English Love Brit-Bashing Otto from “Wanda”


With his constant attacks on their way of life, the British people, of all people, should hate Kevin Kline's classic Otto character from "A Fish Called Wanda"

But when PopcornBiz asked Kline if all has been forgiven between him and the English for playing that character, he surprised us by saying the English are actually big Otto supporters.

"They looooove Otto," says Kline of the English. "They love the movie."

"The English are the most self-deprecating race of men ever," he adds. "So they're really saying, 'Thank you for being critical of us.' "

"Everything is all about being terribly sorry," Kline says, speaking from the press day of his new movie "The Extra Man."

Ironically, Kline gave a similar cultural assessment during the 1988 movie. "I love robbing the English," Otto beams at one point. "They're so polite." It was one of the only printable comments about the English in the movie. He follows it up by being loud, stupid and overly-proud of America's military achievements -- qualities that don't exactly sell across the pond.

But they love him anyways.

Kline has moments of Otto in new movie "The Extra Man," especially when he drives like a blind-maniac through the streets of New York. It brought to mind Otto's famous shout of "A--hole!" everyone time he pulled out blindly during "Wanda."

Kline insists he's a much better driver in real life. "I'm very safe, never had an accident," he says. "And I don't shout obscenities out the window."

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