Keg-Tapping for First-Timers (or Food Snobs)

Say you're a gastrosnob who got stuck throwing a Superbowl party. You could purchase a keg of beer, but how on earth would you serve it?

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Dining web destination always has answers to our most burning questions (what is the difference between viking-smoked and bamboo-roasted sea salt?) and a way of making their fancypants foodstuff know-how seem all chummy and accessible to us plebes (see "What Up, Lambrusco?", about an obscure bubbly red from Emilia-Romagna).

But we may love their latest how-to the most: Just in time for Superbowl party prep, they've got a handy video guide to tapping a keg, which we suspect is very much aimed at first-timers. Chow provides useful intel for those not clear on the concept ("a keg is a cheap solution to satisfy a group of drinkers") and some advice on the elusive relationship between keg-tapping and masculinity ("you have nothing to prove with your pumping").

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