Kathryn Bigelow Looking to Sneak in Thriller Before “Triple Frontier”

With shooting not slated to begin until Fall 2011 on her South American drug cartel, Kathryn Bigelow has decided she'll use the down time to develop and shoot an entirely different film.

Bigelow and screenwriter Mark Boal, who together dominated the 2010 Oscars with "The Hurt Locker," have already lined up "Triple Frontier," about the lawless land at the intersection of Paraguay, Argentina, and Brazil.

They already have Tom Hanks on board and have attracted interested from a host of other A Listers, including Johnny Depp, Will Smith and every other obvious name you can think of.

But the film-making duo appear to be a bit antsy, having begun to shop around a low-budget international thriller about a real-life black-ops mission, reported Variety.

Yeah, it's not a lot of info, but it's impressive that these two, who don''t even have a script yet, are looking to pull this off in such a short time while preparing for something as big as "Triple."

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