Once-Obese Beagle Now Slimmer, Ready for Adoption

Kale Chips weighed 85 pounds when he was transferred from Chicago Animal Care & Control to One Tail at a Time in January

Kale Chips, the once-obese beagle taken in by a Chicago animal rescue organization, is ready to be adopted after losing 23 pounds. 

"He's still quite overweight, but the difference in his body shape and energy level is amazing," Heather Owen, the executive director of One Tail at a Time, told NBC Chicago in a statement. 

The pup weighed in at a whopping 85 pounds when he was transferred from Chicago Animal Care & Control to One Tail in early January. Since then, he was put in with a foster family who monitored his diet and gave him regular exercise. Despite being deemed eligible for adoption in May, Kale Chips remains in search of a forever home two months later.

Owen said Kale Chips could "barely walk 10 feet" at the start of his program but can now walk up to a half mile per day. The dog has lost 23 pounds since the start of his regimen and has about another 25 pounds to lose before he's within his ideal weight range. 

The ideal forever home for Kale Chips would be one in the Chicago area where he can continue on his weight-loss program.

He gets along well with other dogs and cats, but would prefer no energetic children, One Tail said. Kale Chips has an "enthusiastic" bark and would do best in a single-family home with people who are home often to spend time with him.

Those interested in potentially adopting Kale Chips should contact One Tail at a Time.

The organization has posted photos and a video to Facebook documenting Kale Chips' transformation.

Editor's Note: Due to an editing error, some versions of this story misstated the dog's name in the headline. It is Kale Chips, not Kale Chip. 

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