Justice Department Asks Supreme Court to Dismiss ‘Sanctuary City' Immigration Suits

In a letter seeking to end the suits, the Justice Department indicated it will stop pressuring cities to turn over information about noncitizens

In this Feb. 18, 2017, file photo, thousands of people take part in the "Free the People Immigration March," to protest actions taken by President Donald Trump and his administration, in Los Angeles. A federal appeals court has given the Trump administration a rare legal win in its efforts to crack down on sanctuary cities.
AP Photo/Ringo H.W. Chiu

The Justice Department asked the Supreme Court on Thursday to dismiss three lawsuits over a Trump-era immigration policy that led some areas to declare themselves "sanctuary cities," NBC News reports.

The policy was part of an effort to get police departments to tell federal authorities when noncitizens were about to be released from custody.

In what began half-heartedly under former President Barack Obama and ratcheted up under former President Donald Trump, the Justice Department sought to withhold federal grants from local governments that refused to tell immigration agents when people in their custody were about to be released. The government also wanted access to local jails so immigration agents could question noncitizens in custody.

In brief letters to the Supreme Court, the Justice Department said the cases should be dismissed, indicating that the government will no longer seek to enforce the policy.

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