Julianne Hough Blackface: Crazy Eyes Actress Breaks Silence About Controversial Costume

Uzo Aduba isn't holding any sort of grudge against Julianne Hough for doing blackface when she dressed up as her "Orange Is the New Black" character Crazy Eyes for Halloween.

"I think maybe it was an unfortunate event but she apologized and I feel like we can all move on," Aduba said earlier Thursday when she stopped by E! News to promote the hit Netflix series.

Hough apologized soon after she came under fire for her controversial makeup. "I am a huge fan of the show 'Orange is the New Black,' actress Uzo Aduba, and the character she has created," the former "Dancing With the Stars" hoofer wrote in Twitter. "It certainly was never my intention to be disrespectful or demeaning to anyone in any way. I realize my costume hurt and offended people and I truly apologize."

So let's move on, shall we?

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While Aduba isn't allowed to spill on what's to come in the season two of OITNB, we will be seeing a lot more of Crazy Eyes now that she's been made a series regular. "I think the audience has a lot of be excited about, learning more about who she is and then what the relationship becomes with [Piper]," Aduba said.

She also said she now refers to Crazy Eyes by her real name, Suzanne. One of the biggest twists in season one is when we find out that the manic, but sweet inmate's parents are white and appear to be straight out of an L.L. Bean catalog. "I lovingly refer to her as Suzanne after I started to know even more about her, I said, 'Oh, my gosh, I have to put down Crazy Eyes,'" Aduba said. "But sometimes she'll do something and I'm like, 'No, that's Crazy Eyes!'"

Aduba laughs when I ask about making her eyeballs bulge on the show. "I don't even think of it," she said. "When I am in character, I think that's just how I live inside of Suzanne, when she comes alive that's how her eyes are."

Jodie Foster directed the second episode Aduba was in. "It was mind-blowing," she said. "I think the universe knew that I would probably lose my mind so they set it up that I met her two days before in the hallway. It was crazy because I was walking down the hallway and I remember out of my periphery, I saw someone coming and I was like, 'Who is that?" and then 'Oh, my God! That's Jodie Foster! I couldn't believe it. She came over and was so lovely, the warmest person ever and she was just so excited to be doing the how."

Season two of "OITNB" is set to premiere in 2014, but a specific date has not been announced.

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