Jon Bon Jovi Is Considering Making a Solo Record

Jon Bon Jovi's new musical project may find him working on his own rather than with his famous group.

The singer of his namesake band recently told that he is contemplating recording a solo album, his first one since 1997’s ‘Destination Anywhere.’ It could come after the band finishes its tour for its most recent album “The Circle.”

"I'm going to sit on a beach for August, which is usually what I do, and come September figure out what's next," he said in the interview. As for his various options, the rocker said,  "A smaller-sounding solo record and/or focus more on the philanthropy and sports ownerships. "I don't see any acting in the immediate future. It'll be out of the political cycles, and there's nothing else I wish I could do.”

If he decides to make a solo record, Bon Jovi foresees something more intimate sonically-- "a lyric-driven, acoustic-sounding kind of thing with piano, a couple guitars, a B3 (organ) and a violin. I do these solo things oftentimes for charity, and I enjoy the atmosphere because it really gives the singer a chance to sing. You're not competing with the loud amps. So I could see myself doing a singer's type of a record. We'll see."

Bon Jovi the band will be releasing a new "Greatest Hits" album on Nov. 9, which contains two new tracks, “What Do You Got?” and “This Is Love, This is Life.”

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