Joe Zee's Ultimate Style Tips… and Cream Pie Recs

A week before the season premiere of his show “All on the Line,” the dashing and always gracious Joe Zee took some time out of his busy schedule to talk to us about food, fashion… and well, more food. As creative director at Elle magazine and now host of his own show, our favorite fashion guy is always on the go, but still has time to fit in his favorite shopping spots and restaurants on both coasts. Find out how Mr. Zee spends his time outside of his kushy midtown office. And, don’t think we let him go without getting just a few style tips.

You're a busy busy man--how's life these days? How do you juggle it all?
Two incredible assistants, my Blackberry, Entourage and no sleep.

Have you enjoyed the Hearst cafeteria sushi station in your new digs yet? (And, by the way, have you noticed that all the mirrors in the Hearst Tower make you look great!?)
My first lunch before we even merged with Hearst was with my friend Annebet, an editor from Seventeen magazine and we indulged at the sushi station and it was amazing. In fact, I remember tweeting my lunch experience and a fellow tweeter even wrote back suggesting I try the sushi. It's my go-to for lunch there every time. I have not noticed the mirrors yet, but it sounds like a good home investment as well.

Your show "All on the Line" is all about saving struggling fashion designers. Are there any up and coming fashion designers or brands that you're crazy about right now?
I love the idea of anything new. I think that's the genius of fashion--there is always change and there is always something new. Lately, I have been fascinated by the brand Joe Fresh, which just launched in the states and started up in Toronto, my hometown, from the founders of Club Monaco, my first fashion job when I was in high school.

What are three essential pieces every woman must have this fall?
1. Something sequined or shiny for day to mix into your everyday pieces 2. A piece of statement outerwear 3. Suede boots, which sound like an oxymoron, but is so chic.

You are always so dapper--where do you shop?
I actually love shopping when I am away in different cities for photo shoots, so you'll often find me bringing home stuff from Los Angeles or London, but in NYC, I am always at Barneys.

What's your best tip for a guy looking to up his style?
Be classic and be timeless, but don't be boring. I've always had great admiration for the style of someone like JFK Jr. He could wear a puffer over a pinstripe suit or a trench coat over his sweatpants and look effortless.

What is something about you that would surprise our readers/viewers?

If I only have one thing to do, it will never get done.

If I weren’t in fashion, I would be a __________.

Where do you like to go out in NYC and/or LA?
I love dinners out. Food and friends are important to me in [both cities]. In NYC, I can go casual at Bar Pitti, or Momofuku, or Souen. And in L.A., you'll most likely find me at M Cafe, Izakaya on 3rd, or Soho House.

What's your favorite thing to eat between two buns?
Pork Belly

What's your drink of choice?
Ketel One and Soda, extra lime

Are you sweets or savory guy? Ideal dish?
Savory. Cheeseburger and fries.

What's the most unique dessert you've ever eaten?
The 3-1 pie at Peels. It’s a combo of chocolate cream, banana cream and coconut cream pie all in one. Heaven. And fattening.

“All on the Line” returns Friday, November 25 at 9:30PM EST on Sundance Channel.

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